Formed by a change in geology and with the main ingredients to be Carbonate Natri Solic, ions, mineral salt and other microelements, mineral mud is a kind of helpful natural nutrition to the process of health recovery and human beauty make up.

So what are the benefits of mud bath?
• The mud keeps the temperature well, helps to warm up the body, boosts the immune system and the metabolism and relaxes the muscles
• It helps minimize the symptoms of menopause or rheumatism.
• It enhances the treatment of menstruational disorder, increase hormone such as estrogen and is good for female reproduction
• It enhances the skin treatment and detoxification. It also help with blood circulation, get rid of blackheads and prevent aging as well as other extra advantages.
In addition, the choosing of mud bath time and packages also plays an important role. The best time for mud bath is in the early morning or after the afternoon sunshine or 3 to 4 hours after meal when the outside temperature is not too high.

In all cases, the relaxation should refer to the attention of service orderly process such as:
• Bath in Herbal Hydrotherapy
• Mud soaking/Herbal soaking
• Bath in Jacuzzi/in infinity pool
• Experience the body massage by hydrotherapy
Special Attention: Do not take a cold water shower after mud bath, especially the showering with soap will minimize the effects of the mud. Bathing under a shower or under the waterfall should be avoided after mud bath

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